5 Common Complaints Veneers Can Fix

Jan 09, 2023
5 Common Complaints Veneers Can Fix
Have you been hiding your smile? Believe it or not, veneers offer a straightforward solution to correcting a wide range of dental flaws. And best of all? You can completely transform your smile fast.

It’s easy to assume that improving your smile comes with significant time, expense, and painful procedures. That’s where dental veneers can help.

There’s a reason both dentists and patients love veneers. These cosmetic workhorses can correct numerous dental problems, from minor tooth imperfections to embarrassing alignment issues. That’s because they conceal the visible portion of your tooth with a custom-made porcelain shell bonded in place — which means it’s also a simple and painless option.

Our team at Dentistry on Park uses advanced technology to design veneers, so you get long-lasting and natural-looking results. Whether you want to improve the look of your smile or treat damage, here are a few dental issues this treatment can solve.

1. Staining and discoloration

It’s no secret that professional whitening can offer dramatic and affordable solutions for teeth. However, some stains and discolorations don't respond to these bleaching options, and that’s where veneers come in.

If you have bleach-resistant discoloration, we can create custom-made veneers to cover the problem tooth so you can get a brighter, whiter smile.

2. Breaks, chips, and wear

No matter how careful you are, tooth damage can happen. Sometimes it’s due to years of use, teeth grinding, poor oral hygiene, or accidents. You can even damage your teeth while chewing.

Veneers can quickly conceal chips, cracks, and uneven wear regardless of how you damage your tooth. Not only does the tooth-like shell improve the aesthetics of your tooth, but it offers a layer of protection at the same time.

3. Imperfections, like unusually shaped teeth

Do you have unusually shaped teeth? Do they have ridges, holes, or grooves? 

Tooth imperfections can occur for several reasons, including genetics. However, veneers offer the perfect solution for tooth imperfections, whether they involve size, shape, or appearance.

4. Gaps

Whether you have one gap or several, veneers could save you a trip to the orthodontist.

Because veneers cover the visible portion of your tooth, we make custom shells that conceal spaces and gaps. This creates a flawless smile during an office visit.

5. Alignment problems

We love the proven results you get with Invisalign®. However, not all alignment issues require a teeth-straightening system.

If you have minor alignment issues, we can use strategically positioned veneers to hide your crooked teeth. While this won’t straighten the tooth itself, it can create the impression of a picture-perfect smile.

Our team has provided comprehensible dental services for over 35 years, so you can rest easy knowing that we have solutions for all your oral health concerns, even if veneers aren’t the answer. 

Are you ready to find answers to your dental complaints? Contact our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to schedule a consultation today.