5 Dental Concerns that Crowns Resolve

Oct 03, 2022
5 Dental Concerns that Crowns Resolve
You’ve probably heard the words “dental crown” at some point. But did you know this straightforward restorative treatment can solve more than one tooth problem? If your tooth has one of these issues, a crown could provide solutions.

You hear a lot about teeth whitening and teeth straightening to improve your smile, but there’s not a lot of talk about crowns — but there should be. These unsung heroes of the dental world deserve far more attention. After all, their straightforward approach makes them a versatile solution for a wide range of dental concerns.

Dentistry on Park on the Upper East Side of New York, our team specializes in cosmetic dental treatments, like custom-made dental crowns. Here’s why crowns offer such great solutions and five dental concerns they can fix.

What sets crowns apart from other dental treatments?

A crown looks like a tooth, but it’s manufactured in a lab using various materials, ranging from porcelain and gold to metals fused with porcelain. Regardless of the type, each crown has the same goal: to cover, protect, and restore your natural tooth.

The beauty in a crown’s dental versatility lies in how it covers your entire natural tooth, like a tight hat, making it the perfect solution for a variety of tooth problems, whether the issue is due to damage, decay, or appearance. 

When to consider a crown

We recommend dental crowns for several reasons, including:

  1. Tooth damage, like fracture and decay 
  2. Weakened or worn teeth
  3. Support for dental bridges
  4. Dental implant restorations
  5. To improve your overall smile, like concealing misshapen or discolored teeth

Crowns resolve a wide range of dental issues and only take two office visits to completely transform and restore your smile.

What to expect when getting a crown

During your first visit to Dentistry on Park, we evaluate your teeth and look for signs of decay, infection, or damage. 

If we find decay, you can rest easy — we don’t use a traditional drill to treat it. Instead, our team uses the Waterlase™ dental laser to remove decay faster and more comfortably. For severe decay or infection, we could recommend a root canal before moving forward with your dental crown.

After assessing and treating your tooth, we move forward with preparing for your crown. That involves taking an impression for your tooth so we can make your custom restoration. First, we apply a special putty to your tooth that forms a mold of your tooth, then a dental lab uses the mold to make your crown. We apply a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent restoration.

When your crown is ready, you return to our office for placement. We fix the restoration in place with cement. You might have mild discomfort for a short time afterward, but it should fade quickly, and you can eat and drink normally within a few hours.

Could a crown solve your tooth problems? Contact our Dentistry on Park to schedule a consultation so we can help you love your smile again.