Seeking a More Youthful Smile? Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

Dec 02, 2022
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Have your teeth lost their luster? Is your smile making you look older than you feel? Professional teeth whitening can turn back the hands of time, whether you want instant results in a single appointment or the convenience of at-home treatment.

Nothing gives a person a boost of confidence like a radiant smile. So what do you do if your not-so-pearly whites are nothing to smile about? We have three words for you: professional teeth whitening.

Unlike over-the-counter solutions, professional teeth whitening formulas transform your smile with stronger and safer bleaching solutions. That means you can say goodbye to even the most stubborn stains safely and with proven results.

Our team at Dentistry on Park on New York’s Upper East Side relies on professional-strength Kör® Whitening to create bright and luminous smiles. Are you looking for a more youthful smile? Here’s how we can help.

Why teeth get stained

The sad truth is that dull and stained teeth happen, even when we practice the best oral hygiene habits. In most cases, it’s due to numerous factors, such as:

  • Consuming foods and beverages that cause staining
  • Using tobacco products
  • Having bad oral hygiene habits
  • Experiencing illness, trauma, or disease
  • Undergoing medical treatments or taking certain medications

Aging can also impact the appearance of your teeth. This occurs because the inner tissue of your teeth begins to yellow with each passing year, and the protective enamel exterior thins. Together, these changes cause teeth to look discolored.

Fortunately, cosmetic solutions like KöR Whitening can reverse the most stubborn stains.

KöR Whitening to the rescue

There are several professional whitening products on the market, but the KöR system is the first to refrigerate its bleaching solutions from manufacture to delivery at the dental practice. This unique step keeps the chemicals in their high-potency gels from degrading during transit, making them more effective — it doesn’t even require light or laser activation to reach maximum potency.

As a result, KöR offers dramatic results when removing external tooth staining from foods and tobacco, but it doesn’t stop there. It can also provide astonishing solutions for whitening-resistant discoloration inside a tooth, like those caused by tetracycline and fluorosis

On top of highly effective whitening, KöR can also combat and prevent teeth sensitivity. This added benefit occurs during the oxygenation process of treatment. 

As KöR deep cleans your tooth, it plugs and re-plugs openings in dentinal tubules instantaneously. These spaces mechanically activate nerves on the edge of your dental pulp. By plugging them, KöR can stop sensitivity and pulpal inflammation before it begins instead of treating the symptom alone.

What to expect from KöR Whitening

The KöR system comes in several options, making it easy to find the perfect whitening solution for your unique needs.

It all starts with a comprehensive dental exam so we can assess your oral health and discuss your overall goals. Based on this appointment, we could recommend several whitening strategies, such as:

  • KöR Max: a powerful in-office whitening visit along with two weeks of at-home whitening
  • KöR ULTRA: an astonishing in-office whitening treatment with 3-4 weeks of at-home treatment (ideal for fluorosis and dark geriatric staining)
  • KöR ULTRA-T: a transformative in-office visit with 6-8 weeks of at-home treatments (life-changing results for tetracycline staining)
  • KöR Home: at-home whitening systems you wear during the day or at night

And once you restore your smile, you can expect your results to last. The KöR System not only deep cleans your teeth, but it also restores their youthful ability to break down stain molecules, so they no longer leave discoloration behind.

Are you looking for a more youthful smile? Learn more about KöR teeth whitening at Dentistry on Park by calling 212-570-6060 or booking an appointment online today.